Custom Shure MV7 Giveaway

Free Shure MV7!

Shure teamed up with the Veteran Podcast Awards and is supplying a CUSTOM Shure MV7 'Murica Microphone! You won't buy this at the store, they are making it just for the Veteran Podcast Awards!

Huge shoutout to the team over at Shure for making this happen - you went far above our expectation, and we truly appreciate your help to make the Veteran Podcast Awards a momentous occasion!

With your FREE registration, you receive a FREE entry to win the MV7, given away at the awards ceremony.

Shure SM7B giveaway

Free Shure SM7B!

And to sweeten the awards even more, with your free registration, you are automatically entered to win the Shure SM7B microphone! Then, with each piece of apparel or challenge coin you buy, you will receive an additional entry for each microphone! Or if you're a high roller, you can buy just entries.


Register, and buy a tee and hoodie, and you are 3x more likely to win!

All items are made in America and are sold by Broken Jarhead. If it's not made in America, it's NOT Broken Jarhead!

Stay Frosty, and good luck!