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What is it? Broken Jarhead wants to celebrate the Military Podcasters using their platforms as a way to promote their business, share stories, or simply as a therapeutic way to speak what they have bottled up inside! We want to chisel out a day that recognizes these individuals. October 6/7, 2001, marked the beginning of Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan (Staging: Oct 6, Movement: Oct 7), and we'd like to preface this day of remembrance with a day of celebration! We filed the paperwork, paid the money, and here we are!

Why do it? Veterans often use podcasting as a therapeutic way of dealing with what they encountered in the military. We wanted to celebrate this since one of the best ways of dealing with PTSD and other issues is discussing it. We want to encourage veterans to start a podcast and just talk. We think creating this day would help encourage this action!

How to celebrate? 

1. Hashtag. Use #NationalMilitaryPodcastDay in posts when spreading the news.

2.  Record. Plug in a mic and let that silky voice out! If you don't know what to talk about, buy a tabloid and you'll have something quick! Talking through the demons helps the PTSD/stress/anxiety, so just vent. Worst case it's offensive and you don't post it!

3. Post the official logos below on your social media accounts.

4. Share a podcast with a friend and force them to like it :)

5. Leave reviews and 5-stars on a podcast if you haven't already.

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National Military Podcast Day - October 5th


Official Logo

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National Military Podcast Day.png
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