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Short and sweet, but we have to have a plan!

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Veteran Podcast Awards Timeline:

  • Podcaster Registration Period: June 1 - July 31

  • $75 registration fee - All registrants will receive stickers, an official challenge coin, a 1-year listing on the website, and an entry to win the Shure SM7B mic!

  • Listener Voting Period: August 4 - September 18

  • Top 2 Podcasts from Each Category Announced: September 25

  • Podcast Awards Ceremony: October 5 @ 8 PM EST (National Military Podcast Day)

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Recording studio equipment

The Podcast Awards are open to United States Military Veterans, Active Duty, Reserves, Allied Forces, and MilSpouse (1 special category). Service verification is required. A VA Service verification is preferred, but a redacted DD214, or if active, redacted orders will work. Or you can go to the Service Member Civil Relief Act site, click the "Single Record Request" tab, and attach the PDF they supply after you fill out the necessary information. (Ensure the data is present before submitting. If submitting an ID, please redact ID numbers.


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Radio show microphones


We are all respected personnel, so don't be a BF and try to rig the system. Ask your listeners to vote, but if you cheat, my team will know and reserve the right to disqualify any show.


To ensure the validity of our podcasters, and to keep out "calls to action", we require all podcast applicants to be registered with Apple. Your show link will be required.

All shows must have a minimum of 10 published episodes.

Applicants must select the category used when registering with Apple. It will be verified, so if you want to change categories, you must first change with Apple.


We appreciate the sacrifices you give as well and incorporated a place for you! While the main 19 categories are reserved for military members, you will have one award for the Top MilSpouse Podcast. When registering, select the main category you are in on Apple, followed by "MilSpouse" (i.e. Comedy - MilSpouse).


Podcasters can and should provide instructions in their show and/or on their sites requesting votes. After all, your listeners are voting! 


Podcasters may register, free of charge, from June 1 - July 31. Only one registration will be allowed.



Listeners may register and vote for a show in each category from August 4 - September 18. You will be notified prior to the voting start date.


On September 25th, the top 2 podcasts with the most listener votes, in each category, will be announced. These podcasters will be required to create a short acceptance video for use in the Award Ceremony. The video must be 90-second maximum, submitted no later than Oct 3rd. The video should be in mp4 or mov HD format @ 720 or 1080. It will be submitted by emailing to


Winners will receive the Golden Podcasting Hammer, a digital marker for their site, and bragging rights on their podcast.

Acceptance Video
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