Listener Voting


Listeners may register and vote from August 7 - September 10. You will be notified prior to the voting start date so you can let your fans know where to go and what to do. Fans can be encouraged to go to the Podcast page to check out other podcasts until voting begins.


All voters will be required to select one podcast from each of the 19 categories. This will encourage listeners to branch out and try other podcasts, and also reduce one show receiving all votes. 


On September 17th, the top 3 podcasts with the most listener votes in each category will be announced. These podcasters will be required to create a short acceptance video for use in the Award Ceremony. The video must be 90-second maximum, submitted no later than Sept. 24th. The video should be in mp4 or mov HD format @ 720 or 1080. It will be submitted through an online submission form that we will be made available via email when the final nominations are announced. If you win but do not have a video, the award will go to 2nd place.


The virtual awards ceremony will be held live on October 5th. We encourage all podcasters to watch and support their peers. The giveaway for the 2 Shure microphones will also be held during the ceremony.