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The Upward Spiral

Too many people are not realizing their full potential.

Too many entrepreneurs see the success and life they want painfully just out of reach.

Too many s****y leaders are holding their business and teams hostage.

This is not right and the Upward Spiral aims to correct this.

Cody Strate and Davin Marceau bring an unapologetic edge to tackling tough issues that hold people, entrepreneurs, and businesses back from reaching their full potential. Their approach is professional, polished, funny, and completely free of bull shit. Ego is the enemy and there is strength in vulnerability.

Join the Upward Spiral podcast where Cody and Davin share life lessons, discuss the hard topics, and bear it all in search for greater truths.

A WORD OF CAUTION | We are not for everybody, and that’s the point.

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The Upward Spiral