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The Stoned Vet USMC

Welcome to THE STONED VET! The purpose of our podcast is to help build the community around the VETS and to find our PURPOSE again! Come and hang out with us and feel like you did with your brothers and sisters on those Friday nights. The weather is always nice and you already know how the conversation can go with all of us. Crack a cold one, roll a FATTY, or light a bowl!! LOVE when I can bring family on the show that understands all the MARINE chaos and logic!! You remember what it was like to have your brother/sister with you enjoying the companionship and the camaraderie that was shared during our time in the service! Don't forget to grab THE STONED VET USMC SWAG @ https://www.reallydesigns.biz/thestonedvet

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The Stoned Vet USMC