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HoogkinBan Salon

The idea behind “HoogkinBan Salon” comes from life experiences that I feel were really highlighted during a time that my Korean teachers (선생님들) put a group of us in C 반 (C Ban) or “Classroom C” and we renamed it 흑인반 (HoogkinBan/ heug-inban) or “The Black Classroom”. I talk about it in HoogkinBan Salon Episode 1 but the spirit behind the term is a collection of people and ideas that were likely the kids the teacher gave their own chair out in the hallway or in a completely separate room. Were we 좋은 학생들 (good students) in the sense of behavior? Absolutely not. Were we 좋은 학생들 in the sense of actual comprehension and utilization of the provided materials? Absolutely. Since then, I’ve found that the people I have formed the closest bonds with are people that represent the terms “Multipotentialites” and “Third Culture Kids”; People that social dynamics or official institutions often separate into their own versions of “HoogkinBan”.

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HoogkinBan Salon